Mr. Nikhil Kumar Bhaskar

It is a unique experience to write something on the third foundation day of Shringi Rishi Sanstha as the founder and co-director of the organization. It is our endeavor that all the members of the family who are associated with the organization and the newly formed members should know their glorious history. If this happens then it will motivate them to become active and more active in the service work being done by the organization in the interest of the society.

According to an unnamed poet – “You go on rising to the summits, where there is no end to the horizon, you have to go there.” This statement is indicative of the infinite possibilities of human civilization and culture. In the Ramcharitmanas, the statement of Hanuman ji, an exclusive devotee of Maryada Purushottam Lord Shri Ram, is found, this statement also gives the message of always being a charaiveti to humans – “Ram kaj kin without mohi kahan rest”.

A unique effort has been made to store the historical moments of the journey of this institution in the website. On one hand, where all of you will get an auspicious opportunity to know the glorious history of Shringi Rishi as well as important information of Singheshwar Dham, on the other hand you will also get information about the invaluable contribution of the institution in the development of the society.

Sometimes I ask myself what history will remember me for. Since I read Shrimad Bhagwat Geeta and consider Swami Vivekananda as my ideal. His ideals not only inspire me, but I am sure that he inspires everyone for social service. Serving the motherland is a great religion. Understanding this to write a perfect story for our motherland, culture, tradition and divine nation. Thoughts were also growing with longing in my heart.

Supreme Father Parmeshwar Baba Singheshwar Nath honored this longing of mine and with the infinite compassion of Baba Bhole, Shringi Rishi Sewa Mission was established in the form of a small plant on 4th November 2018 in the Taposthali Singheshwar Dham of Shringi Rishi, but after a time This will emerge as a huge tree. Right now, on the completion of 3 years of its establishment (Shringi Rishi Sewa Foundation registered with the Government of India), it seems to be taking the form of a huge tree today. An institution where the needy feel a sense of belonging.

Shringi Rishi Sewa Foundation is dedicated to humanity, environment, nation and culture and is moving forward selflessly in social service with the participation of all, with the motto for everyone, for all.

It is a feeling of great pride for me to be the founder and director of this great organization. This is not only because it is a very big social institution in itself, but because every area here is constantly marching towards new heights by incorporating the tradition of spirituality and family love. This is also a class for the society because the members associated with this family are providing their better services to the society through their various work areas incorporating the attitude of their great quality. This organization also provides opportunity to every member to work with love and belongingness.

This organization works with honesty, integrity, conscientiousness and trust. Whatever has been done by this institution till date shows the respect of others with complete transparency. Together with the best and experienced people of the society, this organization tries to solve the various challenges of the society for the global community.

In the recently spread epidemic corona war, when people were taking first precautions to protect themselves, even at that time, this institution proved to be a boon for the people during this period for corona infected in many districts of Bihar. At that time many facilities were being available in one place. Whether it is the need of oxygen or blood, food or the need for funeral discharge of dead bodies after the death of the infected, the service mission remained helpful to help all the people.

Apart from this, on many such occasions, with the vision and guidance of the founding members, well-wishers, media members and senior people, this institution has helped in giving momentum to many such great works. It is doing its job well. For which heartfelt thanks to all the seniors as well as all the well wishers. Apart from this, your suggestions are always welcome for the betterment of the organization.