dateFebruary 18, 2023

Mission for 11000 plantation to save the Environment in year 2021.

With the theme for World Environment Day, SRS foundation has taken a mission for plantation of 11000 plants in 2021, it increases the awareness on planting and growing trees for the welfare of environment. Growing trees, rewilding gardens, and especially greening cities play an important role in improving the environment in an eco-friendly way. SRS Foundation decided to plant this year across various occasions. SRS Foundation is ready to help the environment by planting trees. Now is the time to restore forests and create habitats for biodiversity. These mainly make a positive social impact across the world. The mission of the campaign is to benefit the environment and human health by strategically planting trees.

Since its establishment, SRS Foundation has been dedicated to giving back everything to the environment for protecting biodiversity and creating a healthier climate. These would help to achieve better reforestation efforts. With your support, SRS Foundation aids in environmental conservation as well as restoration across the country. SRS Foundation has doubled the number of trees planted each year and works as a partner to ensure eco-friendly activities are maintained. SRS Foundation is looking to plant more than 11000 numbers of plants across various occasions this year with a major forest restoration effort.