dateFebruary 18, 2023

SRS Foundation leading role during to covid-19 pandemic.

Today, the world is struggling a lot due to this covid-19 pandemic situation. Of course, several people lost their job and required someone help. To help those people, our Shringi Rishi Seva Foundation is always behind everyone smile. Our foundation has helped people in Covid-19 and provides various necessities and their fulfillment. The people who are suffering a lot this time are here to help you in various forms. We are the leading one to make everyone happy with our services. We must take care of the people who are left alone in this pandemic time.

During this pandemic time, many patients suffered due to not having sufficient oxygen cylinders. So, our foundation takes immediate action by giving free oxygen cylinders for the patients. Not only were cylinders, but we were also given food, blood, land for cremation, mask and sanitizer and helped them during this covid-19 pandemic. So, people have huge trust in us. Of course, we will surely help them by our members in all possible ways. Our SRS Foundations works 24 hours to meet the demand of the patients and alone people. So, let us unite and fight against the Covid-19 pandemic war together.