dateSeptember 30, 2021


The divine land of India has been the center of culture, art, heritage and sage Maharishis since time immemorial. The culture here is one of the oldest in the world. Indian culture gives immense importance to charity and benevolence. Devotees Maha Seva Camp is organized on the auspicious occasion of Shravani Mela, Sihaneshwar and Mahashivratri Mela, where hot water, syrup, lemon-water, glucose water, cold water, pain relief spray, massage etc. are arranged free of cost for the devotees. Where devotees feel a sense of belonging. Shringi Rishi Seva Foundation is trying to restore Indian New Year and culture by making people aware and saving characteristics like change and continuity for the upliftment of society and nation with Vasudev Kutumbakam motto as ideal of Indian culture.