dateSeptember 30, 2021

Environment protection

Shringi Rishi Seva Foundation, which has become synonymous with environmental protection, has been successful in achieving amazing achievements in plantation campaign under environmental protection since its inception. The urge to plant trees on any auspicious occasion by the organization has now become a habit of the people. So far more than 10 thousand saplings have been planted by the foundation at different places. In which the organization is setting an excellent example by running a public-aware campaign keeping in view the environmental protection on many occasions like birthday, auspicious shaven, marriage anniversary and death anniversary. In which mainly Peepal, Neem, Banyan, Rudraksh, Sandalwood along with other medicinal plants, Shringi Rishi Seva Foundation is continuously giving its participation in speeding up the plantation campaign with the resolution ‘We will save the earth’. So that the coming generation can get the green lap of the earth.